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Pennington Pedal Desk

Alternative Exercise Workstation

The ultimate solution to decreasing sedentary time at work.

Excercise workstations, primarily treadmill based, have emerged allowing users to walk continuously at low speeds while they work. However, walking while working requires the user to be able to use a keyboard, look at a monitor, maneuver desk items, and walk simultaneously, and must be permanently fixed in one location.

The Pennington Pedal Desk allows users to be active and productive.

With the pedal desk, pedaling can be done in a seated position more typical of sedentary work, and requires less skill and concentration than walking. The computer software interface tracks time on the pedal desk, distance traveled, revolutions per minute and estimate energy expended.

Other features include: back support, adjustable height, compact & foldable, computer interfacing software, optional left/right side-atached work surface.


For more information, contact:

Leslie Smith
(225) 763.2627