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Fetal Growth Restriction Diagnostic

This invention is a diagnostic and potential treatment for fetal
growth restriction (FGR) or intrauterine growth restriction
(IUGR) which occurs when a fetus fails to grow to the
appropriate size during pregnancy. This diagnostic determines
the amount of FGF21 protein in the blood or plasma and
allows recommendation of methods to lower FGR21 through
targeted nutrient or polynucleotide therapy.

Traditional approaches such as fundal height (the size of the
uterus across the abdomen) measurement and nutrient
therapy have been unreliable in addressing this issue.
Reducing circulating FGF21 can provide a more objective FGR
measurement that can be monitored to determine if
treatment is successful or needs adjustment.

Animal and human studies both showed that FGF21 was negatively correlated with fetal growth, infant growth, and infant head circumference. By providing a kit of molecular biomarkers for FGF21,
this work can lower the risk of fetal mortality and reduce the instances of complications caused by
early birth to both mother and child.

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